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Avalon, NJ

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Drumar Construction's first properties were built on "Seven-Mile Island". Known for their high dunes, clean beaches and pleasant, family oriented, small-town atmosphere, Stone Harbor and Avalon are both excellent places to own a unique Drumar property. Avalon is located at the northern end of the island and Stone Harbor at the southern end. When you get to 80th Street, Avalon stops and Stone Harbor begins. Geographically, it is half-way between Ocean City and Cape May.

Stone Harbor has an exclusive shopping district known for its quaint shops that appeal to all, whether you're looking for trendy boutiques, unusual specialty gifts, salons or just souvenirs. This resort is also famous for its great restaurants and spectacular beach-front homes. Avalon also has great shopping and excellent restaurants. Beautiful, protected beaches extend the seven-mile length of the island and because the island is only a few blocks wide, you can walk from the beach to ice cream parlors and gift shops.

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